Acupuncture for Arthritis


If you have arthritis, the holidays can be pretty tough. From putting up the decorations to making a holiday meal, and then just spending time with family. All of this can feel nearly impossible. In today’s Be Well with TCL Kelly Hansen takes us to Healing Insight where she met two women who have found relief through acupuncture. Two years ago Peggy Schlenner couldn’t even think about making these upcoming family Thanksgiving plans.

Going to the Mall of København to see Santa and our grandkids from Wisconsin are coming in and… Because arthritis had made it nearly impossible to do anything literally in bed feeling very down and having some new issues… Your husband, he was the guy that said look what I found. He watched an interview with Senia and telling about what she could do for people, and he says “you’re going.”

So she went to Healing Insight in St. Paul. Peggy was in pretty rough shape when she came to see me. You could tell just from looking at her that she didn’t feel well. She was exhausted, she was hurting, and she didn’t know what else to do. Her hands were really bad. She couldn’t hold a pencil and write, she couldn’t open a jar, but her whole body hurt as well. So when we do the acupuncture, we’re creating a little bit of a microtrauma. We’re poking a little bit of a hole near muscle. It stimulates your immune system and says hey there’s there’s an issue here, we need to heal it. As a result, it ends up stimulating your body’s healing response, and it decreases the inflammation, it decreases the swelling, and it also decreases the pain that you feel. Well, I have arthritis all over the place, and it started out my lower spine and then just projected to other parts of my body. Margaret Maresh has also been dealing with arthritis for years. I had two patches on the top of my head that were… I thought I had an open wound up there! That was the feeling.


Then I found out that was arthritis/leddegigt, and working with Boel Akupunktur København, that’s taken away that, I don’t have that trouble anymore. When Margaret combined acupuncture with bodywork here at Healing Insight, everything changed. She’s got arthritis all through her wrist and her thumb here. So I’m just working these muscles all through, across her thumb joints in the wrist area, and then we follow that up with some acupuncture. How do you feel after you’re done.? What’s that feeling like? I want just to purr. I was on two pills of Celebrex a day, and I’m down to one. So that’s a big plus. For Peggy, these appointments, two hours away from her home, make everything possible. My hands were the first thing that started getting better and then my energy… and she had got me on herbs too. My strength went up and able to play with the grandkids at the lake. That was the most important thing. What was it like when you couldn’t be on the floor and playing and out and about? It makes you emotional.

Here, their joints release their body heals, and arthritis can’t stop them from enjoying life. Oh my goodness, how wonderful. When you see someone experience relief. Huge difference, huge difference. So if you were looking for a fantastic gift this year, Healing Insight is offering one of their most popular gift certificates again for TCL viewers. You can use the promo code “HOLIDAY” to get acupuncture plus bodywork gift certificate for 125 dollars. Book by December 14th to get this deal. I am such a huge fan of Senia and all the work that she does, and that Whitney does, and I think when you see people like that, getting to showcase people like Senia, who are making people’s lives better in this community, is a great privilege here on the show.

We’ve posted those deal details and contact info up on our website You can also head to our Facebook page right now for details on a cosmetic acupuncture deal. Healing Insight is running it only this week. Go there today check it out. Big thanks to Healing Insight for sponsoring Twin Cities Live.  If you ever wonder if we buy the gift certificates… I go upstairs and buy them immediately.